Design Lectures with Lance Wyman

Back in October I attended a free lecture by Lance Wyman as part of the Design Lectures series put on by Civilization at the Seattle Public Library. I’m not as well schooled in Graphic Design history as I would like to be and was not previously aware of him and his work. I did recognize the work he did for the Minnesota Zoo, as I used to go there for family vacations as a child.

He talked about his career’s worth of work that is covered in the new book “Lance Wyman: The Monograph.” His most famous work is from the ’68 Olympics in Mexico City. I immediately fell in love with it and knew I had to pick up the book. The bold graphical impact mixed with the traditional Mexican art inspired line patterning and bright colors made for a successful and memorable identity.

I also enjoyed seeing his wayfinding designs for projects like the New York World’s Fair and the Mexico City Metro. I’d love to try wayfinding design some day. It’s the real world version of web navigation!

One thing that I thought that was interesting about his work is how modern it looked even though much of it was done decades earlier. His use of icons and bright colors make his work look like it could fit right into any phone app or flat website. He even made a comparison of his stamp designs for the ’68 Olympics to the Apple iPhone adds from 2004 (silhouetted dancers on bright solid color backgrounds).

Here are a few samples from the book:

Lance Wyman: The Monograph Book Cover
The cover
Signed Cover Page
My signed book cover

’68 Olympics

68 Olympics Logo
Full logo.
68 Olymics Logo Variations
Variations on the ’68 Olympics logo
68 Olympics Tickets
Ticket designs. Note the use of icons to convey seating.
'68 Olympics icons and stamps
Event icons and stamp designs
68 Olympics dress designs
I love this dress!

Mexico City Metro

Mexico City Metro Icons
Icon examples from the Mexico City Metro

Minnesota Zoo

Minnesota Zoo signage
Wayfinding icons at the Minnesota Zoo
Minnesota Zoo statue
The Minnesota Zoo moose statue

Here’s a few images from Twitter: